Pleasure to Meet You!: A Quick Introduction

Hello and Welcome! I’m Jennifer.

Who am I and what do I do, you ask?

Well, I am a freelance writer, long-time A Course in Miracles student, Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher, and lover of random humor, as you may have noticed from my Twitter feed.

As for the mandatory deets, I also hold a Master’s in Public Policy and a Political Psychology Graduate Certificate, and have worked in international development for several years.

Yet, my passion has been self-empowerment and truth-seeking.

On this journey, I have been studying the power of the mind and how our thoughts shape our experience of reality since 2006.

So, unsurprisingly like many people, my journey began as a college student seeking personal growth. This evolved into an interest in psychology, spirituality, and meditation.

While exploring these areas, I kept encountering the phrase, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” and the concept of “enlightenment”.

Both were frustratingly abstract and unclear, like a riddle that I couldn’t figure out.

The Disappearance of the Universe

One day, I was listening to Hay House Radio and the show host was interviewing Gary Renard about his latest book. My interest was piqued as he began introducing these ideas with such clarity and specificity.

I immediately went to Barnes and Nobel to learn more, and began reading his first two books in the store since: 1) I had just finished grad school and hadn’t landed a job yet and 2) related to point #1, I had no money (but I had some hefty students loans).

Up to that point, I had read several spiritual books, but these were the teachings that I had been searching for!

They answered all of my questions and concretely explained the hidden cause behind all phenomena we see in our world and beyond (often in the most hilarious way).

Specifically, Gary described how the mind made (projects) the universe that appears very real, yet is actually illusory, like “The Matrix”.

And by choosing forgiveness, we can experience greater inner peace no matter what is happening within our world/illusion.

I highly recommend his incredibly practical teachings (take from them what you like and leave the rest!):

A Course in Miracles

Gary’s books also accomplished a major feat. They introduced the teachings of A Course in Miracles, making an otherwise abstract, non-linear text so easy to understand and practice!

I checked out a copy from the Minneapolis Public Library in the fall of 2006, and started simultaneously reading the Text and doing the daily Workbook lessons.

Thankfully, my friends gave me the complete book a few months later for my birthday so that I could properly mark up my own copy and jot down my personal experiences with the lessons.

The teachings brilliantly highlight how we choose the wrong mind when we listen to the ego.

But in listening to the higher self/Holy Spirit, we can choose the right mind and forgiveness, in turn, undoing the ego to experience greater inner peace.

Our power is in the present moment to choose the right mind and forgiveness.

Consistently selecting the right mind takes lots o’practice and discipline, which is especially difficult when the naughty ego is so darn tempting!

Teacher Extraordinaire: Dr. Ken Wapnick

However, it was helpful having access to the insightful teachings of renowned Course teacher Ken Wapnick, PhD – who helped edit the book – and attending one of his five-day seminars back in March 2013.

At the Foundation for a Course
in Miracles with Ken – Temecula, CA

I appreciated Ken’s unrelenting emphasis on the application of the teachings and forgiveness in our lives to gain experiential knowledge rather than simply reading and memorizing the text, like a robot.

And his practical teaching style, no nonsense approach, and humor have unfailingly helped me change my perception about my grievances and daily challenges, making forgiveness an easier choice.

In particular, Ken’s treasure trove of video teachings have always gotten me out of a tight spot!

Speaking of practicing, to date I’ve gone through the Workbook lessons twice (going through a third time now) and read a couple of pages a day.

I find it helps put things in my life into perspective and keeps me more in my right mind! Lol.

The Pulse of Your Thoughts

As a Course student and freelance writer, I was excited to co-author a writing project on these topics.

The book, The Pulse of Your Thoughts (dropping in 2020), provides practical tools and meditations to help us become aware of and to guide our thinking to experience greater inner peace.

It empowers us to:

  • Experience the power of the present moment
  • Unlock the infinite potential of our right mind
  • Examine the source of our fear-based thoughts
  • Release limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Train our thoughts to experience true freedom

In upcoming posts, we’ll cover the topics above and more!

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And feel free to “Like” and share “Comments“!

I look forward to meeting you and learning together!


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