Social Distancing vs. Anti-Social Distancing: Are We Adequately Spacing Out Yet?

Reporting from Washington, things have opened up and people are spacing out in some places. In others, they’re packed shoulder to shoulder, enjoying the practice of “anti-social distancing.

So, how are you enjoying America’s long-awaited grand re-opening…or rather soft opening?

Finally, non-essential businesses and public spaces are opening up. And just in time for some summer fun!

It’s crazy to think how much we’ve gone through since March!

We made it through awkward-looking arm-bump greetings, then the great TP cisis, then stay-at-home-at-all-costs-or-else orders, then the mandatory bandit look, then “give me freedom or give me death” (rather than a face-mask), and then held our breath for Phase 1 and then 2 openings.

And who knows what’s going to happen in Phase 3? Does the Moon open up for business?

But now there’s hope and the world is open for retail therapy and playtime once again!

“Socially Distanced” No More

It’s not clear which focus group came up with the odd phrase “social distancing.” And then defined it as physically keeping apart from others.

Does adhering to “social distancing” guidelines mean we should avoid/ignore people no matter how many feet away they are?

And do we have to steer clear of interacting on social media? It’s oh so social after all (although TikTok is super sketchy).

But we’re throwing those cautionary instructions to the wind and openly social-izing now! And it feels pretty nice to be near-ish other human beings, especially if you live alone.

Hmmm…almost human beings.

In DC, we’ve hosted plenty of big events!

Black Lives Matter

There have been important marches for justice and equality with massive turnout in the nation’s capitol.

Juneteenth Celebrations

Celebratory gatherings were held on June 19th to commemorate the 155th anniversary of the end of slavery.

 The Fourth of July

The Mall is usually hopping with visitors this time of year.

No, not that mall.

But it was subdued on the National Mall last week, with a nicely spaced out group of few celebrants.

Clearly, not DC.

This might explain the low turnout.

In Other DC News…

The appropriately named Air and Space Museum still has lots of life-saving space (because it’s been totally void of tourists since March)!

Hipster beer gardens and bar patios are brimming with people (and hops-loving animals).

Did someone card this magical cat?

Downtown, with all of its bustling offices and workers (aka ranch-hands), is still a ghost-town.

Every city-dweller concerned about flying is trying to get out of town in a rental car, driving prices sky-high!

Everyone is out enjoying the parks and the sunshine!

And there’s a bit more visible graffiti than before.

A statue located across the street from the White House.

Social Distancing No Longer

So, in this post-apocalyptic world (maybe not so “post”), things are opening up, giving us a hint of normalcy and hope!

And most people are keeping space between each other, while others are “anti-social distancing” (and enjoying it).

Ultimately, being repeatedly told to wash our hands, mask up, and social distance for months on end might make some space out.

So, how are you celebrating America’s grand re-opening?

Are you getting out and socially ignoring people or happily anti-social distancing? I know, it’s so confusing what we’re supposed to do!


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