Keeping Fit During the Apocalypse with Free Online Workout Videos!

The Fitness Blender channel on YouTube has come to the rescue with killer online workout videos carried out in your cozy living room.

Since our lives have come to a screeching halt (thanks for nothing, Apocalypse), all of our daily routines have been torpedoed.

It’s been widely noted that fashion has become collateral damage. How many of us have worn normal pants in the past month?

An endless diet of elastic waist-band clothing spells danger. There’s no way to gauge one’s weight fluctuations for the foreseeable future (if you don’t own a scale that is).

So as our world physically shrinks, we expand in perhaps multiple ways by also trying out new things and devising Plan B routines.

An old friend, who had been a long-time, die-hard gym enthusiast, gave up her paid membership months ago and fully embraced online workout videos (they’re free!). The biggest draws being the wide variety of routines and intensity level all within one’s control.

Thanks, YouTube!

After trying to dodge the aerosolized spit spray of those obsessive runners in quarters too close for comfort, I foreswore the great outdoors and opened my mind to the possibilities.

It sounds boring and not even like a real work out, you say? How could you possibly raise your heart rate in a confined space?

Well, Paris, you’d be surprised!

After becoming an immediate convert to Fitness Blender (Kelli and Daniel are the best), it quickly became clear that regular biking and walking were no match. Not even close runners-up.

The benefits of YouTube workouts over-floweth!

#1: Never pay for a gym membership again.

Have your free trainer come visit you in the comfort of your own home, like a virtual house-guest during Quarantine to add a little variety to the few faces you see every single day or better yet a single face to see if you live alone!

#2: So comprehensive.

Get a warm-up, a work out of your choosing, and a cool down. Follow it up with a quick abs routine for fun and games!

And for those of us who never stretch, what a painful godsend!

Work those metatarsals.

#3: Modify the intensity level.

Need something low-impact on your joints? No problem.

Need to modify your movements because Kelli insists on doing 40 excruciating lunges? She’ll show you how!

Need more of a challenge, because you’re a physical specimen? She’ll level you up!

You are in the driver’s seat after all.

#4: Target specific areas.

Want to focus on your core and back today? Absolutely!

More specifically, you want to isolate that muscle nestled under your shoulder blade? Done and done.

#5: Mix up your routine – pilates one day, cardio another, lower body strengthening, or do them all consecutively.

You’re the boss!

#6: No weights or kettle-bells needed.

You can use what your mama gave you (aka your own body weight).

Otherwise, improvise with over-sized canned goods, a filled Brita container carefully balanced, a bucket loaded with Quarantine snacks, a six-pack of beer, or water jugs.

#7: Hit “Pause” for a longer water break!

If you’re really thirsty, why not? Otherwise, feel free to power through.

This could take a while.

#8: Learn a new language!

A “burpee”? No, I’m good, thank you.

Twenty “burpees”? Sounds heinous (yet, so good after you survive them).

“HIIT” also becomes a bad-word once you experience the full body burn (it is High-Intensity Interval Training after all, but you’ll learn that soon enough).

#9: Get an exciting sneak-peak of the next fun exercise while you’re trying to master the current one.

Check out the upper left-hand corner of your video for a glimpse of your next physical challenge and then distract yourself by watching the time tick down on your current one. You won’t even notice that you’re having an out-of-body experience.

#10: Be clumsy and awkward learning new moves, minus the judgie onlookers.

Can’t touch your toes? Not a problem. No one can see how bent your knees are when you lean over.

You’ve never done a jump-squat before? Now’s the time to fumble your way through in total privacy!

#11: Cuss out your instructor (a true stress-reliever).

You wanna curse at your instructor for making you do an insane number of star-jumps? Cuss your heart out! 

You wanna tell him he nuts when he says we need to hold that plank for another 45 seconds—go on right ahead! Who’s gonna kick you out of the class?

#12: Instructors get exhausted, too – nothing is more validating.

I can’t feel my arms because you just made us do 7 sets of knee-up push-ups, so that’s just what we call “Karma”, Daniel (but you are still awesome!).

And now you’re saying that my actual goal is to out-do you in our sessions together? How these shifty goal posts keep moving!

#13: Feel the positive rush after completing a routine.

You pushed beyond what you thought was physically possible and now feel immortal!

Maybe you will take on that hulking Soviet boxer after all. . . .

#14: Enjoy the delightful, near-death experiences shared by fellow survivors in the video “Comments”.

You are not alone.

#15: An endless buffet of workouts to choose from!

Fitness Blender has only 600+ full length videos. If you get bored, something has gone horribly wrong (and no, they’re not paying me yet).

#16: Boost your serotonin, your mood, and your self-esteem!

Stave off depression, release all that stress, and feel like you can conquer the world!

#17: Sleep like a baby.

Honestly, YouTube workouts are a win-win!

You will have never felt all-around stronger, your immune system will thank you (which is pretty darn important these days), and you won’t need Kim K’s army to squeeze you into pre-apocalypse clothing!

Are you resistant because you still crave exercise outdoors in this stunningly beautiful Spring weather? Don’t worry they can’t make us stay indoor cats forever . . . can they?


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