A New Book with Ways to Find Peace and Calm in the Madness!

Things have been a hot mess this year and stress levels sky high! But we have ways to find stillness and peace in my co-authored book (for free), The Pulse of Your Thoughts!

The world has certifiably gone mad! And unfortunately for us the stars have misaligned in an infinite number of ways!

Everything has intensified during these pandemic days.

Those of us working from home are working longer hours than ever before. And we can’t tell our boss we’ve got somewhere to be after work, like kickball practice, cuz darnit . . . kickball is cancelled this year!

And then many of us have homeschool duties on top of an already absurd workload!

On the other hand, some of us are just full-time isolated in lockdown with only ourselves and closest Zoom participants to talk to.

For a cherry on top, we have a hotly contested election that’s causing some business owners to board up their shop windows for an ensuing hurricane (and no, the meteorologists haven’t forecasted this storm).

A CVS nervously biding its time in lockdown like the rest of us in DC on October 31.

All jokes aside, in this madness, it’s a disorienting whirlwind of commotion and noise.

And to boot, the overwhelming demands on our time and attention never let us catch our breath!

It’s easy to feel raw, ragged, overloaded, trapped, and/or powerless.

And this is when the devious ego loves to strike!

Thankfully, the unruly meddler can always be put in a timeout!

You’re looking for some pointers? Craving some relief? I feel you.

Well, it’s our lucky day!

A Sweet Respite!

As long promised (on the Home Page of this site to be exact), my co-authored book, The Pulse of Your Thoughts, is finally here for free with!:

  • Tools to experience great inner peace
  • Guided meditations (of course!)
  • Tips on how to stay in the present moment (it’s presently needed)
  • Ways to open up your intuition (hello, gut check)
  • An opportunity to connect with your higher self
  • Steps to forgive this never-ending hijinks (and how!)

In other words, this book doubles as an excellent workbook so that you can actually experience its teachings! You can read the book on your own or with others–just send them this link!

Either way, there’s no sitting on the sidelines. You’ll get your hands in the dirt in the best possible way!

You’ll explore the above topics and learn about the extraordinary power of the mind! More specifically, how our thoughts shape our experiences, no matter what those experiences may be.

This information will resonate if you love the teachings of A Course in Miracles and Abraham-Hicks. And if you aren’t familiar with these teachings, no problem. You’ll learn this and more!

Ultimately in today’s craziness, who couldn’t use a little stillness and calm (at the very low price of free!)?

So, check out the book and we’ll keep learning together through upcoming articles. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences below in the “Comments”!

Next time, we’ll discuss the mind-blowing power of the mind!

Happy reading!


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