Purr-fect: The 27 Obscure Benefits of Cats to Blow Your Mind!

Felines have long been misunderstood, but the benefits of cats include emotional support and so much more to help us survive the apocalypse!

The last time we met, we covered all the known and lesser known benefits of owning a dog.

So to be fair and balanced, we’ll now delve deep into the hidden benefits of owning a cat!

Like Dogs But Not

Cats have unfairly gotten a bad rap of being independent, aloof, dismissive, and snooty.

But those who’ve spent some time with a cat know that they’re actually very friendly and affectionate!

In fact, Oregon State University compared cats’ and dogs’ reactions after being left in a room alone. Both were nervous until their owners returned, greeting them and then checking out the new room and toys. Both intermittently returned to their owners throughout, indicating a close emotional bond.

Research also shows that cats, like dogs, spend time with people who call their name and give them attention.

Moreover, the majority of cats prefer engaging with people over food and toys. Move over, psychedelic cat-nip!

So, spend some quality time with your feline if you’d like them to become more sociable!

People do like to be mirrored.

Animal Therapists

Fun Fact: not only dogs are used in animal assisted therapy to reduce stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

Cats are the third most popular support animal after canines and horses!

Turns out mini-horses work better indoors . . . and maybe outdoors for therapy.

Some nursing homes even have a full-time wandering tenant to visit residents.

Who are these people-friendly cats, you ask?

Former show cats, who are accustomed to being around groups, along with laid-back felines.

They are then trained to provide therapy (no, the unlicensed kind) through exposure to loud sounds, crowds, and gentle man-handling.

Walk It Off

Exercise is typically cited as one of the benefits of pet ownership, but cats aren’t exactly known for getting excited when they hear “let’s go for a walk.”

But then again there are always outliers!

The Feline Fringe Benefits You Weren’t Even Aware of!

Beyond being low maintenance (in terms of care), there are so many other benefits to having a cat!

#1: Call on in-house IT support. Your furry Geek Squad is on the case (or iPad)!

#2: Rely on professional DJs for all your party needs!

#3: Better yet . . . need a party animal?

#4: Go bowling together even if someone always cheats!

#5: Gain a dedicated vacuum suction tester!

#6: Have a team of tiny drivers for that aimless Roomba!

#7: Never let another elusive dust bunny escape your clutches again!

#8: Find the most meticulous house-cleaner around!

#9: Go on outings—clearly fun and exciting for all!

Is that Cat Whisperer Carole Baskin behind the wheel?

#10: Be kept in stitches with whimsical riddles.

#11: Learn how to use the Force to fend off foes.

#12: And face off against the most fur-ocious villain in a litter box far, far away.

#13: Learn some aerial artistry from a savvy acrobat!

#14: Have an enforcer to keep that little one in line.

#15: Have peace of mind—your home security comes with cat-like reflexes!

As Mutombo says, “Not in my house.”

#16: Receive training from Bruce Lee’s top student in how to unleash those Fists of Fury!

#17: Finally learn how to properly use the steps from a Stair Master!

#18: Decorate your home with beautiful cat statues. So life-like.

#19: Have a care-free, walking bobble-head . . . or tipsy sailor! No one knows for sure.

#20: Have a personal fashion stylist level up your animal prints with real wildlife!

Beauty is pain.

#21: Play cops and robbers with professional actors!

#22: Learn jaw-dropping street performance skills, like how to walk in place.

#23: Kick off a healthy eating regime with your buddy . . . on the 12th of Never.

#24: Get out the popcorn while your little instigator stirs up some juicy drama!

Hello, “Real Housewives.” We have a new cast member we’d like to introduce.

#25: Cats are known for their teamwork and easy storage for safe-keeping.

A pack animal indeed.

#26: Take marksmanship courses with a true sniper!

Ready. Aim. Wait for your closeup. Fire!

#27: Cap off your lively day with some relaxing television and a deep-tissue massage!

The Adoption Option

Cats are also well-known for their deep thoughts, emotional anguish, and journaling skills:

So, you’re now enticed to wrangle up a herd of cats to call your own?

Or maybe a dog if you still fancy yourself a dog person after perusing the list above?

Many pets still need homes if you’re interested—they can be checked out through ongoing adoption events online!

Virtual Kittens and More!

If you don’t have a cat or the ability to get one, you can always count on live-streamed fluff-balls for your viewing pleasure!

All in all, the benefits of cats are astronomical!

They love their humans, provide unconditional love and support in countless, unforeseen ways (as we now see), and make us laugh with their antics.

Most importantly, they help keep us sane during these insane pandemic times, steering us clear of catastrophes such as:

The danger is all too real. 🙂


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